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Interested in routinely joining rides with cyclists sharing a common interest in cycling? Looking for a cycling group that fits your skill and fitness level? Joining the Gyros is an opportunity to become a member in one of Central North Carolina’s premier cycling clubs. We are made up of men and women, all of whom have various skill and fitness levels.

Our goal is to provide safe, fun and social ride opportunities meeting the interests of all club members. With our skills-diverse membership, we help riders enhance their abilities while teaching them to ride more safely. Challenging rides are available to push one's endurance limits and to develop more advanced skills. Most importantly, we offer rides for all skill levels providing the chance for all members to enjoy the sport of cycling, while having fun and developing friendships.

To learn more about being a member of the Gyros Cycling Club, please visit our Membership Page.

If you have a love of cycling, and are interested in joining like-minded cyclists, we hope you will support the Gyros and become a full member.

If you are not ready to join us, you can subscribe to our Mailing List. This will provide you messages posted to the general membership and will help you learn more about the Gyros and our events. To become a subscriber, click Subscribe to the Mailing List.
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We are excited to announce Velo4Yellow again took top honors as Endurance Magazine’s “BEST” Charity Ride and “BEST” Century Ride in the Triangle in 2016! The Falls Lake Road Race also took the top spot for "BEST" road race in 2016. This is the 4th year in a row that Velo4Yellow and Falls Lake Road Race won accolades for being the "BEST OF" by Endurance Magazine. Our thanks to all who helped make this possible.

Registration for Velo4Yellow will open in the spring of 2017 but you can still visit us at
Learn more about our signature event

If you would like to make a donation to Velo4Yellow, please click the donate button below.
Your tax-deductable donation benefits LiveStrong and their programs to help people affected by cancer.

You may also want to check out our new Gyros Meetup group which we established as an extension of our Mailing List. Joining the Meetup does not make you a member of the club but merely presents another avenue for you to track our training rides. All training rides posted through Meetup will also be posted on our monthly rides calendar. You can find us at: and be sure to check us out on Facebook as well.
We are proud to announce that the Gyros are now partners/sponsors of BikeWalk NC. BikeWalk NC is a membership-based, statewide advocacy organization promoting non-motorized transportation choices for residents of and visitors to NC. Their mission is to "Inspire and support advocacy and educational efforts throughout North Carolina for an environment that fairly and equitably accommodates bicyclists, skaters, pedestrians, and others using human-powered active transportation.” to learn more.
You understand that bicycle riding is an inherently dangerous sport. Rides under the banner of Gyros Cycling Club or Velo4Yellow are open for public participation, but Gyros Cycling Club and Velo4Yellow DO NOT assume any liability for your participation. In no event, shall Gyros Cycling Club or Velo4Yellow accept any liability for any injury, loss, or damage incurred by use of, or reliance, on information on this website, or from participating in group rides with the Gyros Cycling Club.